Joe Ma  馬祖輝

MArch (CH)
BSc. in Arch (CH)

Joe studied architecture in Hong Kong and Belgium for Bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He has worked in a well-known local Architecture Firm and has participated in large-scale development projects such as casino and hospital. He has also been employed as a researcher in urban environmental studies at a local architecture school. His work has been exhibited at different places and has been shared in the Venice Biennale. Through these experience helps him contribute to the architecture.

Mig Lau  劉頌銘

MArch (CUHK)
BSc. in Arch (CH)

Mig believes that exploring an interesting detail superimposed on architectural profession could stretches the satisfaction of design. He studied architecture in Hong Kong and Korea, and received his Master of Architecture from CUHK. The pursuit of aesthetics of concrete was began from the initiation touch with its texture and temperature, that upholding the reasons for creating every better concrete design by own hands.